My name is Adalsteinn, born in Iceland, raised in LA, California.
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  • anxieties asked: yeah dude. we're all moved in now.if yr ever up here hit us up!

    Of course, I’d love to visit you guys!

    Another one

    Another one

    Yeah so, let me know what you guys think. If anyone is out there.Its been a while since an upload.

    Yeah so, let me know what you guys think. If anyone is out there.
    Its been a while since an upload.

    I’m once again doing visuals at Far Away, and I’m super excited!Its this Friday on the 27th, all you have to do is RSVP here:’ll definitely have a great time.
    Taken in: Bristol, EnglandThis will be the final picture of the set. Basically just me binge drinking micro brewed beer with my friend on our final day in Bristol. Hopefully I’ll be going on more trips in the future, with more pictures to share. But for now This is it.
    Taken in: Bristol, EnglandBack in Bristol, my friend and I really couldn’t separate ourselves from this place. Specifically this area, Stokes Croft.
    Taken in: Brighton, EnglandThe roof of the Brighton Train station.
    Taken in: Brighton, EnglandThe view from outside of our friends house.
    Taken in: Berlin, GermanyArt on the Berlin Wall
    Taken in: Berlin, Germany